Sanktjohanserstraße 46
83707 Bad Wiessee/Tegernsee​

Sanktjohanserstraße 46
83707 Bad Wiessee/Tegernsee​

Corona Info 

Health is our highest Priority.

Dear Guests and friends, we look forward to personally welcoming you back with us soon.

Health is our first and highest priority and it is vital to maintain safety. That’s why we see it as our duty, to be there for you in this current situation as much as we can.

We, the BUSSI BABY TEAM, take this very seriously and take all Recommendations in regards to extended Hygene measures into consideration and action in order to protect ourselves from the virus.

All Hygene- and Distance-measures, as well as changes in our Offers, are purpose to preserve the Safety of our Customers and our Team’s health.

Please consider that the Guidelines and procedures may vary and change depending on the Virus-Reproduction rate. We will rate the situation daily in order to take possible next steps; considerate and consequent in order to guarantee everybody’s safety.

That is why we want to ask you the following:

  • Please only enter our rooms when you are free from symptoms
  • Please enter our public areas only, when wearing a face Mask.
  • Due to the circumstances we will not interact in direct contact, such as handshaking and hugging, but will welcome you with an even greater smile.
  • We will also try to maintain a safe distance of 1,5m from you.
  • Please bear in mind – we are obliged, should a space get too crowded at some point, to minimize the number of people present.

We thank you very much for your support and are in full excitement to welcome back positivity and a good atmosphere in our Hotel BUSSI BABY.

All the best




Safety Measures

In order to make a carefree and relaxing visit with us possible, we will also take action in the recommendations of the following safety measures:

This is an extract form our Safety-measure plan.


Please bear in mind that the elevator can only take max. 2 people or 2 people from the same home.


As part of the daily cleaning of the rooms, we only use virucidal detergents and ant-disinfectants.


In our restaurant we place the tables under compliance with the prescribed minimum distance. We have a set Table- and time-assignment per guest or per family.

In the Morning:

We orientate ourselves on the set guidelines.

In the evening:

We ask all guest, who would like to eat at our Thai Stüberl, to reserve your table in a timely manner. You can do so here.

General Recommendations:

These are general recommendations which can help create a safer and welcoming atmosphere:

  • Valid Hygene-standards
  • Consequent hand-hygene
  • Sticking to safe manners when coughing or sneezing
  • Regular airing of the rooms
  • Thorough cleaning of the rooms

Distancing Rules:

The general rule of maintaining a social distance of 1,5meters is asked to be considered and carried out. In addition to the distance rule, we ask that the maximum number of people allowed in a room is also considered and not extended. This depends and varies on the Conditions in each of the rooms.

Mouth and Nose Protection:

The wearing of a face-mask (community mask) helps to minimize the transfer of pre-symptomatic and a-symptomatically infected people within the Hotel and also protect at-risk groups from the transfer and infection.


Symptomatic people are not allowed to enter the Hotel (also when showing mild symptoms).

When Symptoms start to show while staying with us, we are obliged to advise you to immediately isolate and retrieve medical advice.

Quarantine measures for the people in contact with the infected person are immediately to be taken into action.

Quarantine and Isolation have to take place in accordance to the current Standards and are to be followed in close coordination with the dedicated health authority.


If the occasion arises:

General Information about you Vacation Bookings:

Your vacation bookings:

Individual reservations until December 22nd, 2020: Your holiday bookings can be canceled free of charge 1 day before arrival and must be guaranteed with a 50% deposit 1 day before arrival.

We want to offer our guests the following, should we not be able to open due to the Corona Pandemic:

  • Rebook your stay onto another travel date (in accordance to request and availability)
  • Offer a Voucher
  • Reverse transfer your down-Payment