Sanktjohanserstraße 46
83707 Bad Wiessee/Tegernsee​

Sanktjohanserstraße 46
83707 Bad Wiessee/Tegernsee​


Your crossing of the Alps adventure starts here.


Elephants have not yet been spotted in the car park in front of the hotel, but that can change at any time. The Hotel Bussi Baby in Bad Wiessee at Lake Tegernsee is the ideal, fabulous stopover location for everyone on the way to cross the Alps.

No matter whether you plan to cross the Alps on foot or by bike, no matter which route you take on your way across the Alps from north to south - replenish your strength at Bussi Baby or just enjoy a relaxing break. Take a refreshing dip in Lake Tegernsee and off you go!

Your Crossing the Alps Hotel at Tegernsee


Convinced? Then check our room availability at Lake Tegernsee on your desired dates right away.

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Numerous amazing routes lead across the Alps, like the one leading through South Tyrol towards Sterzing or Drei Zinnen or one of the most popular destinations, Lake Garda. But - we'll let you in on a secret.

It's even more fabulous to start the alpine cross at Lake Tegernsee or make a stop here on the way across the Alps. Spending a night at the Bussi Baby in Bad Wiessee at Lake Tegernsee will invoke undreamt-of strength for your crossing of the Alps. Start your day with a delicious, hearty breakfast and then easily drive or hike to warm up before you reach the main ridge of the Alps.




From Tegernsee across the Alps.

Young Romans from across the world welcome.